Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New York Post Hits Below the (double) Belt

For those of you who don't blog or keep up with mindless celebrity news, Jessica Simpson the singer (?) has gained a bit of weight. This morning, the New York Post, my favorite NY newspaper printed this gnarly little cartoon:

Now, at first of course, one must laugh...because it looks hilarious and way over-blown. But I saw a recent picture of this chick, and honestly....she doesn't even look "fat". Extra poundage...yes, but fat...far from it! Not that millions of 13 year olds read the NY Post Page Six, but the very idea that woman cannot gain OR loose a single pound without being accused of having an eating disorder is totally absurd.

Women gain weight VERY easily. And conversely, some women loose weight just as easily. It's not always a pleasant thing, but it happens. I find it very hard to believe that a woman drew the above cartoon. I'm sure somewhere in New York is the bloke who thought this crap was funny...with his shrunken penis and male pattern balding...chuckling at his own crafty comedic skills.

Sir, you are truly an abomination.


Chaotically Calm said...

It's flat out ridonkulous when I heard the report on TMZ little ole me quickly tuned into the broadcast to see "fat" pics of Jessica Simpson. Once the story actually aired and they showed the pictures for more than 10 seconds I was like that's not fat...what the hell is the world coming to. This is the reason why so many young girls are out there starving themselves.