Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Maybe I'm Crazy...

This morning, as I stepped out of my little apartment in Brooklyn and onto the snow laced sidewalk (wearing my favorite blue tights despite the 19 degree weather), everything seemed just like it was yesterday. My neighbor smoking a cigarette on his porch, the stiff breeze blowing through his beard and Payos. Kids bundled up so much they look like little pillows with hats and boots, waddling next to their parents. The familiar sound of the B46 bus and of course the deceptive sunshine; making me feel like I'm back in California for a brief moment. It wasn't until I got down into the subway station that I noticed the slightest shift.

The Metro Card hustlers, who usually jump all over you to sell you a swipe were surprisingly demure. No one was pushing on the slippery stairs when the 4 train pulled into the station. People weren't quite smiling (I mean come on, this IS Brooklyn) but no one was scowling. The man who sat next to me on the train was kind enough to let me smoosh up against him when a ashy lipped crack head plopped himself in the empty seat beside me after climbing between train cars. In Manhattan, at Starbucks (a luxury I haven't allowed myself in over a month) I was surprised when the familiar girl behind the counter greeted me with an abundantly joyous, "Good Morning!" as if we were old friends. Then just as I was about to ask about my Spinach and Tomato wrap she called out, "Ashley!" and waved my hot breakfast in the air, making me re-trace my steps before figuring out that I hadn't given her my name. I was shocked beyond all belief that she remembered especially since One Penn is a VERY busy building. Between that and the grumpy looking man who stumbled out of his chair to open the door for me as I balanced my grande-soy-caramel-macchiato and spinach wrap in my hands and the guard at the front of the building who flashed a Santa Claus smile and proclaimed, "Gooood Mornin!" I got into the elevator wondering what the HELL happened to New York City!!???

But the elevator television (or "ele-vision" as I've nick named it) flashed a quick news picture of our graceful new President Barack and his lovely First Lady prancing around on the Presidential seal during one of the inaugural balls last night and suddenly I remembered.

With President BAM now safely in office, ANYTHING is possible. Even a very cheerful New York City morning.

(or maybe everyone just really liked my blue tights...)


A Day in the Life..... said...

It was the blue tights girl!! Just kidding! I shed many a tear yesterday, couldn't stop.