Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Cheese & Grits of Love

Most of the time, D and I are what some might consider to be a bit sickening. I'm an affectionate girlfriend and usually I shower him with attention when he's around me. We're always holding hands, leaning on each other, stealing kisses. After going on 4 years of love, I still consider the chemistry to be pretty solid.

Then there are times like today. When as much as I love him, I fantasize about taking a needled bat to his face and tossing his bloody caucus off the side of a building. Times when I want to rip the cable box out of the wall and toss it in the oven. Or literally shove the Nintendo Wii remotes down his throat until he chokes. Times when as big a basketball fan as I am, I would literally like for the entire NBA franchise to go down harder than Wall Street. I could go on...

I guess knowing that D and I have been through MUCH WORSE is a comforting fact. Almost a shaming fact, because I'm really just upset over a classic case of phone-neglect. I suppose when I think about the worst things we've actually put each other through, this hardly takes the cake. Everything about love is temporary, and it's forever evolving into something else, so it's easy to miss the old times. To reminisce over the times when we were still in that "newbie" phase and love still felt like breakfast.