Monday, January 19, 2009

Vegetarianism: Day 1

Ok, so this vegetarian thing isn't so bad. I had soup for lunch and made sure it was made with vegetarian broth. It was delish, and filling, nothing hard about this thus far.

I imagine since I was never really a "Meat Eater" to begin with switching over to the other side won't be as hard for me. D told me yesterday that he feels weird if he doesn't eat meat for a few days. I decided to hold my tongue and not say "that's probably the sensation of feeling healthier..." and instead just agreed. He's been eating meat his whole life, so have I. Although when I was little I was less into it. I liked the skin on fried chicken and bologna. But other than that, I remember my parents had to all but force me to eat meat. Later in life, after getting my first apartment, I noticed my grocery money lasted longer when I left meat out of the equation. So other then happening upon a grossly marked down piece of meat, I really avoided it altogether when I lived alone. When I'm out, eating meat has always been a choice of convenience. Everything that's easy and cheap to eat has meat in it. Hot dog vendors, hamburger spots, pizza places....hard to find like a zucchini on a stick, ya know?

But so far, this whole not eating meat makes me feel better. We'll see how I feel at the end of the week.