Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Child Named "Adolf Hitler"

This I don't understand. I know the father argues the point that in America you can name your child anything you want (although...hello numb-shit you can pretty much do that anywhere...)but why would a parent ever do anything that didn't give their child the most beneficial start in life? Why would you name your child after a man who created mass genocide, so that people can tease and ridicule them for the rest of their lives? It's been reported that these kids have since been taken from their parents and given to the state for reasons unknown. I'm sure it's not because of the name thing, but perhaps for the quaalude & heroine shake mommy and daddy share for breakfast every morning...?



Yeah, that's pretty bad...and for the parents who aren't consuming "extra curricular activities" and they still name their child soming "crazy" they should fine them, or make the penalty so high, no one is going to want to name their kid something like "Cherrios "Crackerjack Milk