Friday, January 16, 2009

Oprah Smoked Crack...? WTF!?

There is a tell -all book being released by Queen Oprah's ex-boyfriend from the 80's called The Wizard of O- My Life With Oprah Winfrey. Supposedly the dick, I mean dude, is dying of cancer and instead of raking in the good karma he's decided to pay his medical bills with blood money.

In his book he's claiming that Oprah smoked crack with him, and taught him how to freebase (which is basically the worst possible way to smoke crack and immediately hooks you). He said that she even went on her show back in the day still high on crack. Yikes!

Well I CAN believe that Oprah was a crack head-I mean come on sister girl had it BAD back when she was a kid and dropped MAJA weight out of the blue AND...MYSTERIOUSLY can't..I mean doesn't have any children. Adds up in my eyes. So now the whole world is going to judge Oprah for having a vice or two before she went all Jesus.

I say lay off. Clinton screws hoes, Obama smokes fags (cigarettes), Shania Twain used to be a porn star and Oprah used to be a crack head. SO WHAT? She's still friggin awesome....