Monday, January 12, 2009

Can't Spell Fashion Without "Ash"

It's time to start thinking about Spring wear...March is just around the corner and slowly but surely the abbriviated winter days are going to stretch out into long Spring ones. Right now with the move upon me I can't exacltly jump on the new seasons sales going on, but I can mentally prepare for it (this is serious stuff).

^Some people shun this look, but honestly if you do it right
overalls can be hot. I plan on findin me a pair like the above
and rockin the Farmer John goes to Vegas look.

^Jeffery Campbell makes some pretty divine shoesies. At $200 a pop
there are also a little on the pricy side. But you can fine this
look anywhere, if you dare....

^High waisted skirts are nothing new, and I have this one in blue (only I got it at H&M for $30 instead of $60) Fun to wear and versitile.

^Those who know me well, know I have a tendency to like dorky shit often immulated after the stlye of someone's Grandma Ruth. But like I tell my nay-sayer....if you do it right, you can rock whatever you want. Check out the Cosby sweater.

^ Don't even BOTHER going out and buying some. Find the pair that shrunk in the legs, or the pair that only looks good on top...cut them up, rip them up, frey them in the washer and give em a cuff (or not).
Cut offs are hot, especially when its

^I already have a few conductor hats, but I haven't sported them since the BIG CHOP. Now that my frow is longer, this style looks pretty damn cute. I would't go for this color, personally, I prefer brighter hues. But that's just me.