Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaugural Masturbation

I'll be the first to admit, that I am totally dazzled by President-to-be Barack Obama. I think he's a cool ass dude and an excellent example to all of us (side from the smoking addiction). Here we are, at the dawn of a new era about to see the very first black man in history to ever become president of the US. I'm proud to have voted for him and proud to be able to tell my children one day that I was "there".

That being said.

There is WAY to much inaugural shit going on. Everyone is getting in on the action. Theres a billion concerts, parties, tee-shirts, photography exhibits, live broadcasts, and comic books. Obama's old 300 is on sale on ebay...and let me tell you....the Chrysler 300 is a roaring piece of good luck to whoever buys that thing.

This seems like the story of the chick who spends all her time and effort primping for her wedding day...she spends her life's savings on a dress she'll wear once, she fusses over her flowers and the hue of the seat cushions for the reception....and doesn't realize her fiance is screwing the maid of honor.

I mean, I think Obama will be an awesome president....but I think at some point people will have to un-Jesus-ify him and bring the expectations for his administration back down to earth. What happens when Obama has to make one of those "you can't please everyone" tough decisions..? Will people turn on him because he can't make water into wine?

I'm glad everyone is as excited as I am to have him in office. But once the nostalgia wears off I wonder if people will still be such active supporters..? I sure hope so.