Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's The End of the World

I was raised to never invest too much in the things of the world. Which explains my cynicism towards cable TV and Pop music. Everything is temporary; love, money, even the breath of life is on loan. But today, as I sat on my stalled train and my eyes drifted across the newspapers of my neighbors, I realized that things today are definitely symptomatic of a world on the brink of disruption, to say the least.

With everything going on around us, the wars, the financial upheaval, the pure ignorance; I wonder how we all have the strength to march through it sometimes. I wonder why people don't just walk around naked with sandwich boards tied to their shoulders: "The End Is Near, Take Cover" or "Save the Music, Stop Beyonce".

Or better yet, why don't we do away with it all? Take away our clothes and our bank accounts and all of the gold that brings us status. Just strap bark around our feet, leaves over our mentionables and ride horses instead of overpriced, gas guzzling metal death traps. At least then we'll have some peace of mind before the world crumbles away before our eyes. At least then we can be free of made up nonsense. I say do away with "civilization", because there's nothing civilized about any of this anyway.

I wonder if Thoreau had the right idea to remove himself from the wold. To seclude himself from all the things that held him captive before. I wish the whole world could just down size to the very basic needs; love, food, water and shelter. I wonder if that would be the beginning of something beautiful or if everything would just start all over again.



LOL @ "Save the Music, Stop Beyonce". I second that, and I USED to be a fan, but now, I turn the tv, radio, internet station when I hear her.

I think it would all just start over again, look what happened with Noah & the Ark. Civilation was destroyed, and man, being mad, and animals being animals did what came naturally...

Chaotically Calm said...

LMAO , Stop Beyonce. Sadly sometimes I have these same thoughts and then my godson comes over to me gives me a hug and asks the most innocent question like, Auntie Faith, did you know I have a penis? He's only four!