Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is Our Winter, That was Our fall

I'm standing at the end of a ten-mile road. I'm bent over, palms on knees, head hanging; sucking in long heaving gasps of air. Ragged and worn, but still smiling. Right now, my life is much like a long run home. Down Fulton street; dodging little kids playing, and old women walking at a snails pace. I'm stopping at the red lights and waiting for my turn to dash across the heavily populated street, just barely missed by swerving town cars. I'm Avoiding traffic, and trying my hardest not to trip over the uneven pavement.

Here I am, in the middle of a busy life, quite pleased. I have to move in less than a month, possibly two weeks. I'm in the grit and grind of school and class is becoming increasingly more intense. I've started a second blog about fashion with a friend, and we're both pretty gung-ho about it; which means we have to find weekly events to cover. I'm back with my beloved; D. Yes, all hail, we finally made it official. Which brings to light an entirely new set of thoughts to process. What does this mean? Where will we be when the winter comes? And in the wake of all this, I'm beginning to realize that worn out as I may be....I'm doing exactly what I had set my mind to do. I'm building up a life, for myself. Instead of letting someone hand one to me. Instead of letting opportunity pass me by. Having good friends, strong family and a very, VERY good man by your side can do that to you. Make you a woman that is.