Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nappily Ever After

It probably needs not to be said, but hair is a big deal to black women. Hair is a big deal to ALL women, but especially black women. We are judged (within our own race, of course) highly on how our hair is presented. Is our hair real or fake? Short or long? Nappy-curly or Curly-curly? Are we mixed? Is that a wig, girl? And depending on the men we partner up with, it's an even bigger deal. My ex-fiance wanted me to get a weave. My hair was long and thick and I hardly had time to get down and flatten it out, so I kept it up. But he wanted the ghetto fantasy, so he was constantly trying to bribe me into weaving it up. I'm glad I said no. Neither the man nor the weave would have been worth it. I've been battling the hair-war for over 16 years now. Ever since my mom put the first relaxer on my head and melted my kinky curls into silky-soft, long tresses.

But now the madness ends. I'm done stretching out my kinks with fire roasted flat irons, and trying to avoid the truth I thought was too bitter to taste. My hair is kinky as all shit, thick as hell and absolutely gorgeous. So today, around 6pm, eastern, my relaxed ends (and the majority of my hair) will be cut off and thrown out like the rest of the things that used to hold me back. I'm down for it, D's down for it and that's really all I need.

I'll be posting an "after" picture tomorrow. I want to see some comments!!

BEFORE: (Check my Heidi Braid) AFTER: (TWA, Teeny Weenie Afro)


Chaotically Calm said...

I hear you....I've been perm free for 4yrs or more and it feels great. Of course I can't give up my straightening comb and dye but some habits die hard.

Sissy said...

I LOVE it! I showed everyone here at work your new do! They all think it fits you too. It makes you look very "New York". You go girl!!

Affiliate Marketing Tips said...

You should be confident about your looks and your race or color has nothing to do with it.