Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Introducing FUX!!!

I've started a new blog with my good friend Roscoe, y'all!! Imagine Perez Hilton, now add Wendy Williams....throw in a dash of street fashion and NYC events reviews and you've got FUXfashion. FUX stands for Fashion Under Xamination. It's me and my girl Roscoe attending NYC events (concerts, museum openings, indie film premiers, sample on) and giving you the scene. And not just the "brought to you by" and "featuring" with cute little pictures accompanying well thought out and polite comentary. The REAL scene. The who, and why-the-hell-did-she-wear-that scene. That's right, celebrities aren't the only one's with interesting lives. We believe in a new kind of celebrity. The celebu-not! We've got our ear to the ground and we're snapping pics along the way. If you live in the NYC area and are prone to attend events in NYC, New Jersey and even just might see your face (and ya bizzness) on our page!

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