Monday, July 21, 2008

Life, Pause....Life Again...

Because life can be excruciatingly boring at times and then turn around and become so eventful that your head spins I, sadly, have not written in a while. But you'll all be glad to know I haven't been sitting on my flat ass this whole time. The week Atya, my cousin came out, I busied myself with showing her around. Of course because I'm still a "temp" at my job, so I can't just take off a week and go chill. But fortunately for us she came up during the 4th of July weekend, so I already had two days off. I showed her Brooklyn, and of course my favorite spot; Habana Outpost. Took her with me to Philly where we met up with Gwen for the 4th of July concert in the park. Crowds gathered, John Legend performed and fireworks crackled and lit of up the sky. It was a good day.

The following weekend, Gwen and I and her boyfriend Murphy met up to spend the day in NYC. I took them to Sylvia's Soul Food restaurant in Harlem (my favorite), where we watched Murphy scarf down like 8 cornbread muffins before lunch even came to the table. Yes, it's THAT delicious. Later we went to Dumbo and walked around, overheard the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival grabbed some iced coffee and headed to Brooklyn Heights so I could show them the view.

The next day I picked my sister, Brittany up from the airport. I was immediately irritated because the Dunkin Doughnuts stand near the baggage claim was out of coffee; forcing me to wait. But I lit right back up when I saw my sister walking towards me. And speaking of "lighting up", so did her eyes when we emerged from the underbellies of the subway and onto the sidewalk of Fulton and Nostrand, right smack in the center of Bed Stuy. She looked around and took it all in as if she was in some kind of adult candy shop (candy, perhaps a little porn..). Her eyes were so big, I was reminded of my old neighbor Gerri who owned to Shitsu dogs and once told me that their eyes can actually fall out of their tiny little heads. Before I had to scoop my sisters eyeballs off of the dirty gum ridden street corner, I asked that she kindly not act so "new". My sister and I spent the week hanging out at lunch, and after work. Went to Bingo night with Tia, Etienne and some of his friends. Got silly drunk and actually stayed for open mic night. The week was a blur of weed smoke, the Dark Knight premier, obscene shopping, long nights and finally topped off with the 2008 Siren Music Festival at Coney Island. All in all, the week was phenomenal.

It even over shadowed the fact that both my room mates are complete dick-hole morons (it's my blog I can bitch if I want to) and I've decided to move out and leave them in the filth of their own unpleasantness. But I found two AWESOME room mates in an AWESOME apartment near the BK museum... so boo. ♥

Me and Gwen in Brooklyn Heights

Me and Atya in Philly at the John Legend Show

Me and Tia at the Siren Music Festival