Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hollywood Secrets REVEALED!

Not to sound sceptic or pessimistic. Not to down-talk the fabulous Halle Berry. And above all...not to assume that every Hollywood actress fits this stigma, but let's be real people.... we all know how they get thin so fast. The people of "Hollywood" actually believe that we common-folk are dumb enough to think that ONLY diet and exercise comes into play for their post-pregnancy bodies??

I'm sure you'll all agree that the "miraculous" turn around time along with the quality of their results is nothing short of a hoax. As if Halle and J-Lo were actually walking around with stunt-bellies and pigging out (for that nice "rounded-out" effect) while some poor schmuck carried their actual baby for them. I'm more prone to believe that, thank you.

These women are millionaires. They have their millions because of their perfect bodies. They dedicate hard time and money into keeping thin and fit. So of course they will bounce back from a baby a lot better then your average soccer mom who takes a brisk walk every so often during her pregnancy. But remember, they also have access to the best plastic surgeons, trainers, nutritionists, coke dealers and least not forget; air brush specialists. So before you get all hyped over the next "diet craze" these trashy Hollywood magazines try to peddle off; always remember RESULTS MAY VERY.


Matt said...

Wow. Well said.