Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nothing to Hide Behind

So I added the "after" picture below to my last entry. So far, everyone has given me positive feedback. I huffed and mumbled "well, what the hell" right before entering my office this morning. Lucky for me everyone was gathered right near the door and as soon as I walked in I was greeted with gasps and hands in the air with great exclamation. My boss loved it, so did everyone else. I searched their reactions for underlined doubt. I wanted to make sure they weren't just saying that before I accepted the shower of compliments.
"It fits your style", Claudine said.

I guess the thing about the new doo, isn't that it's extremely short and maybe even a little boyish. It's that it's so revealing. I feel naked. I know I always put my hair back, but on those days when I wanted to cover up I always had that hair available to pull down over my face. I could be a little frumpy, a little disheveled and slightly but not entirely askew. Now that my face is my main attraction and my hair is merely an accent; I feel like I have to be on point. I can't get chunky, I can't wear ugly make up, I can't be lazy about what I wear and for some reason....I feel like I can't be an ass hole. Not that I AM an asshole, but I can be a little cut and dry at times. My teenie weenie afro has humbled me, changed me and frankly I also think I'm done with meat.

In this ever evolving journey I've taken since I strayed from my home in California I was searching for who I really am. And as cliche as it sounds, one thing is for sure; I am DEFINITELY not my hair.


Natasha said...

Just checked out the "after" picture. It looks great! And it seems like it won't be much work, so excellent choice!

Affiliate Marketing Tips said...

It was really a lucky day for you,right?