Friday, July 4, 2008

The Evil Laptop

I just got a new laptop. I ran it by D the day I ordered it. "Sony Vaio, red..." Those key words ignited so much joy into D, I thought maybe he was more excited that I was. "It's technology.." he said in explanation. Yes, D is a certified nerd. I've known that since our first conversation when he told me that he's a nerd. A funny, sexy, interesting and handsome nerd.

So last night I was playing with my laptop. After a VERY entertaining phone call with D, boosted to a new high by the magic of a web cam, I fiddled with my wallpaper, changed my screen saver and all the other stuff silly girls who don't know much about computers manage to do. But this Windows Vista thing is killin me. Every other second it's telling me that it is installing updates, or configuring something. Then the Security software....don't get me started. That thing had the nerve to give me an anxiety attack last night, after it flashed a warning that my BRAND NEW, barely used computer might be in danger. Using words like "hijack" and "attack". I couldn't help but wonder if George Bush was behind that marketing ploy.

Oh, now the computer terrorist are going to get my Myspace password...I better buy this $257 security software when my 30 day trial expires! Yes, lets all note that my computer is apparently at Defcon 4 (whatever that even means).

Anyhow, technology is a beautiful thing. I can keep my blog updated properly, keep in touch with D without squandering our cell phone minutes, and do my homework. Which is all I really need these day. I love it when things come together, even in the midst of seemingly falling to pieces.


Da Old Man said...

The new header on your blog kicks ass.

Lotus said...

It came to me in a, thanks!