Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex and the City- The After Glow

As soon as I got home from work I started mentally sorting out what I would wear to see Sex and the City that night. There was a forecast for rain, but that didn't stop me from putting on a short denim skirt and calf high boots. And just as I started thinking maybe I was over doing it for an 11:00 PM showing of a movie in downtown Brooklyn, a girl called into the radio station, " I want to give a shout out to all my girls coming with me tonight to see Sex and the City; Shantaul, Veronica, Monica, Sharonda, Alicia, Kim, and my cousin Tamika. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!" Then she asked the DJ to play the Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Brat, Left Eye version of "Lady's Night". So I felt my level of enthusiasm was appropriate.

Once we'd finished getting dressed we hobbled off to the subway and got on the A to Jay Street. Neither of us were sure how to get to the Court street theatre, but after a quick call to Ralphy we were on our way in the right direction. This was further confirmed when we approached Court street and saw what can only be described as a frantic mass of overdressed Brooklyn girls crowded around the entrance of the theatre. We were home.

Just to get to the kiosk to retrieve our fandango tickets was madness. Everyone squeezing through the double doors, inching closer and closer to the escalators. There was the random male floating in the crowd there just to see Iron Man or something but got caught in the mob. "Are you waiting to get your tickets?" I asked a guy standing by me who looked like Simba in The Lion King when he gets caught in the stampede. "No," He said darting his eyes around, "I have my tickets already." He held them up and waved them in the air. "Then what are you doing over here?" Molly said, trying not to appear irritated. "We're all waiting to get our tickets, you can go inside!" I pointed to the gaping side door and he ran through it and up the stairs. The space which was now empty filled up with eager ladies almost immediately.

Finally we got upstairs and after almost fighting a girl who thought Molls and I were "Obnoxious" for cutting in line, when actually there was no line, we finally took two seats at the end of the third row from the back pretty satisfied with our view. The girl next to us, a robust woman to say the least pulled out of her over sized tote bag a small plastic container housing a giant slice of Red Velvet cake. "Oh GAWD...!" Molly said when her eyes caught the delicious icing drenched confection. "Yea girl, cause I'm not gonna go buy some nasty ass popcorn when they got a bakery right around the corner." She said dipping her plastic fork into the middle and scooping a huge bite into her mouth. "Damn, that looks good." I said, my mouth watering. She stopped chewing and smacked her lips, "It is." She continued shoveling the cake into her mouth as me and Molly started to contemplate getting something from the snack bar. Instead the lights dimmed and the movie started.

Sex and the City was 145 minutes of pure chick-delight. When I say I laughed, I cried, I mean I literally laughed so hard my sides hurt and cried my waterproof mascara off. Our four favorite New Yorkers had grown and gotten older and wiser. They seemed hardly confused about the opposite sex anymore. Carrie and Big (who she referred to as John now) were happily house hunting when they decided to get married. SPOILER ALERT: Miranda and Steve broke up when he admitted to sleeping with someone else after a 6-month drought with Miranda. His solemn face right before he spit it out was so realistic to how a man would look when telling the love of his life about such an indiscretion that it was too much to handle and thus marked my first cry of the movie. The entire movie theatre relinquished a unison gasp followed by a few "Oh no...." and "Bastard" remarks. The characters took form as if they'd never left, and it literally felt like watching a marathon of Sex and the City. This time I got to see the beautiful landmarks that I was now familiar with. Like the New York Public Library at 42nd street that Carrie and Big were getting married in. Carrie went into the library and held her Fendi bag open for the security guard exposing a matching wallet and Metro Card. These are things no one else would take note of unless you lived in the city, but it seemed purposely placed there as a quiet little "Hello New Yorkers"to the audience. And although I was against the introduction of new characters, I can't imagine this movie without Jennifer Hudson in it. She played a wide-eyed country girl who came to the city to "Find love" and became Carrie's personal assistant. I can't give away too many details, because I want everyone to go see the film. But over all Sex and the City was by far the best chick flick I've ever seen in my life. It was well worth the blisters from the heels, the $11 ticket, and getting elbowed by a mob of angry women. When the screen feel to closing credits the audience applauded and cheered and I left the theatre feeling as though I'd eaten Red Velvet cake.