Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City BITCHEZZZZ!!!!

Near the end of 2006 I heard slash saw a rumor online that Sarah Jessica Parker and the producers of Sex and the City were conjuring up the idea of creating a movie. Well, the mere thought of such a production made me tingle in parts I'd rather not mention. Needless to say I've been counting down to this day for about two years.

I am ashamed to say, however, that I lagged on buying my tickets. I waited until Tuesday of this week to buy them, and of COURSE, ALL the Manhattan show times (within humanly-sound hours of the day and night) were completely sold out. ALL of them. So me and my room mate, Molly, (aka, the Carrie to my Samantha) are forced to see the movie tonight in Brooklyn. Boo hoo, but oh well. We're going to see the second to last showing, which may mean we can sit in the coveted last row (way at the top, it's the only way to watch movies on the big screen), and perhaps there won't be any annoying "talkers" in the theatre, because I'd hate to be arrested for throwing my mixed fruit Twizlers at the back of some chatter box's head like a ninja star. Which I would do by the way. Molls and I were committed to dressing up in honor of our favorite four, in dresses, heals and dare I saw....fur jackets. Oh yeah, we were going to go all out. But for shame, the forecast says "Few Showers" tonight and I'd hate to ruin rabbit fur for a flick (holy as this flick may be). So instead I'll be decked in a mildly short sweater dress, short jacket perhaps my calf-height boots (probably a pair of tights for good measure). I'm sure Molls will be dressed in something casually fabulous as well, and we'll both be topping that off with a just-in-case umbrella. All we need now are two personals each (whiskey for M-dog and WHa-Dka for yours truly), tickets in hand, and possibly some salty snack to munch on from the consetion stand.

Ladies and's going down. Stay tuned for my esteemed review.