Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Maybe Next Year

Now, I'm not some basketball genius or anything. I mean, sometimes I get confused about what qualifies as a technical foul and what qualifies as a personal foul. But I do know good offense when I see it, and last nights game #6 between the Lakers and the Celtics was equivalent to Kobe walking up to Garnett, and handing him the championship. I'm sorry but were the Lakers AWAKE last night??

After game #5, I got a boost of energy. I thought, "See? Those statistics are all wrong...." and I truly believed that after Sunday's win the Lakers would regain confidence, grow back their balls and stretch the Finals into game #7. My dreams were shattered ....oh...about 4 seconds into the first quarter. The Celtics took the lead immediately and kept it relentlessly. It was a sad shame. At one point during the 3rd quarter Boston fans chanted, "Na na na na na na...hey hey hey...GOODBYE!"

Goodbye, indeed. Maybe next year.