Friday, June 13, 2008

12 Play: Plays with 12 Year Olds

If there is actually anyone out there who truly feels that Robert Kelly, a.k.a. R. Kelly, is innocent of the crimes he's currently accused of, please feel free to smack the shit out of your own self right now and go sit in the corner. The guilt is as plain as the big ass earrings his old ass wears in his floppy ass ears.

Pardon me, I tend to have a lack of sympathy for perverts of any caliber.

I'm pretty sure that this is all going to go down as predictably as I imagine. Another typical Hollywood, make-shift court decision. Kelly will probably be found guilty of something and have to pay damages and get put on probation for a few years, but will basically be set free to exploit someone else's underage daughter. His pockets are far too deep to actually have to do time in a place where he will surely get his ass pounded in by the inmates who have (like myself) zero tolerance for men who choose their sexual partners from the kiddy pool. The whole thing is going to go the same route such cases as Phil Spector, OJ Simpson and Micheal Jackson's went. All accused of crimes they CLEARLY committed. All found "innocent". But lets just look at the evidence at hand.

I don't know if everyone in the entire world has forgotten the very first peculiar and perverted act R. Kelly committed, and that was marrying 15 year old Aaliyah back in 94'. They came out with court documents showing a marriage license and proving the rummer to be true only two years ago. The ONLY reason a (then) 27 year old man would want anything to do with a 15 year old girl is to get busy. Kelly has obviously had an obsession with little girls for quite some time. Lately, there have been all kinds of witnesses surfacing who are saying that Kelly had sex with them before they were 18, and they know the girl who was in the video. That he has an entire video collection of kiddy porn. That his "people" have paid off several girls who tried to come forward about it. And the only thing his team of defense attorneys seem to have on their side is a mysterious "mole" that is absent from the said video, that R. Kelly reportedly has on his body. They are also claiming that the video could have been digitally altered to replace heads to the bodies in the video. Because maybe the people at PIXAR got a hold of it and decided to devise a plan to bring R. Kelly down. Whatever their excuse is, there is still the very strong issue of character at hand. He simply has a history of liking the younger ladies. There is no reason to assume R. Kelly is NOT a pervert. All this hush hush and people getting paid off, and witnesses refusing to testify is getting out of hand. He can't just do whatever he wants just because he was hot in the 90's (cause lets face it Usher stomped him out like 5 years ago), and has a ton of money. He can't exploit young girls the way that he does, and he shouldn't be able to get away with any of this. If there is any justice in this country (which we know there isn't) Kelly would not only be castrated but put to sleep like the nasty, horny dog that he is.

12Play was the SHIT though...