Friday, June 6, 2008

The Thing About Beauty

Aside from people who drive slow on the freeway, and loud-talkers the only thing that annoys me more in the world is women with low self esteem. I only question these women because they are overlooking one of the most important facts of nature; that women are mothers to this earth and therefore our beauty is imminent. Feeling less than beautiful, at least in my own eyes, makes you less of a woman.

I know how it can happen. Boy can I. You meet the wrong man, you have the wrong father, you catch a bad brake in grade school (i.e. braces, extra pounds, bad acne..) your bound to end up with a few question marks over your head. But to permanently accept what others have only temporarily convinced you of is another matter entirely. And it shows.

That girl, the one who is too lazy to think herself a queen, is usually the most annoying one in the room. She's usually the one who requires an audience at all times, otherwise she'll feel unimportant. She won't applaud you when you are triumphant, but she'll have a lot to say when your failing. Her choices in men is reflective of how she sees herself. Usually the man who captures her the most is the one who makes the most noise. The one who throws a tantrum when she goes out with her friends, all the while she's smiling because she thinks that validates his love for her. This is the girl who cakes make up on her face, buries her hair in weaves, and wears jeans three sizes to small. This is the girl who obsesses over a few pounds in either direction, but hasn't gotten off her ass to do anything about it. This is the girl who can talk all day about her self, but when she needs to discuss business; she dosen't have the confidence to face the music. This is the girl who criticizes every woman she sees, and pretends not to care about what they might say of her. This is the girl who plots her EVERY move before going out on a date. Throwing dagger-edged questions at some poor guy who just wanted to take her out for a meal. This girl annoys the begeezis out of me.

Being beautiful has nothing to do with the labels you wear or how skinny you can get. It has NOTHING to do with what you look like. This is so cliche, but the truest thing I know. Beauty is simply an inner glow. It comes from confidence to rock whatever outfit you can afford and know it looks good on you. It's the patience to let people come to you instead of chasing them down. It's pride in what God gave you, instead of covering it up, straightening it out and stuffing it in something tight. It's the ability and kindness to compliment your fellow sister instead of pick her apart. It's the open mindedness to give a standing ovation when a close friend accomplishes something. It's also the maturity to only let men and women into your life who appreciate you void of all your costumes. Because when the make up rubs off in the morning, and it's just your face in the light; everyone can see you for exactly what you are. And if your not happy with it, no one else will be.