Monday, May 12, 2008

The (empire) State of Self Satisfaction

My weekend went pretty swimmingly so honestly I can't complain. Saturday I didn't really do anything. I pretty much just laid around and as lazy the whole day. I watched a movie, I cleaned up, I hand-washed all my panties....and because my room has no heat right now they are still to this very moment hanging up around my room damp and droopy. Sunday I got more done; cleaned up a little more around our apartment, did two loads of laundry at the wash house. I caught up with quite a few people too. My Grandmother, my sister, my should-be step father (he and my mother are no more, but he remains a steady male figure in my life), two of my cousins, an old friend that I've known since I was 18 and haven't talked to in almost a year (who got married!!), and an old neighbor from California. Just all around strange to hear from everyone on the same day, but a pleasant surprise no doubt.

I hung out with BB and his room mates Sunday night. And I basically did what I would do at my own house (watch TV, eat, listen to music) only at his. It's always more interesting there though because his room mates are a lot more entertaining than me and my room mate are (I think outside of our own imagination we're pretty boring people when we're at home). My only problem was that I didn't want to take a cab home (and it was reaching around 11:30 pm when I realized I have to be up for work the next morning). I didn't want to spend the night because then I'd have to rush home early in the morning. On the other hand, I didn't want to take the train alone because, well... I live in Bed Stuy Brooklyn... So yay...!, I was happy when BB told me his cousin Jasmine (who was there hanging out as well) said she was taking the train home, and since she lives like 3 blocks from me neither of us would have to venture through the streets of Bed Stuy alone (although I'm sure she's more used to doing it than I am...Oakland I can do...Bed Stuy...not quite there). So all around a good weekend in my opinion. No drama, no issues and aside from a VERY rude text message which I promptly ignored.... I went to sleep very satisfied with my self.