Monday, May 12, 2008


Ok so, someone apparently knocked out Suge Knight at the club over the weekend. He was heard yelling, "Where's my money!" and then after Suge and his body guards roughed the dude up, he got up off the floor and threw a punch so hard it knocked Suge cold out for three minutes. Then after Suge was taken to the hospital, he refused to press charges. That's probably because he doesn't want any "official"evidence that he was upset about the whole thing so that when the dude ends up DEAD, DISMEMBERED, and BURIED in some random location, there is no real evidence against him. Why would you punch Suge Knight.... why???

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Shawn Smith said...

Hell, he (Suge) probably offered him a job. If he's bad ass enough to knock him out who knows what the other dude is capable of.