Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tryptophan Talk

I just want to say that waiting for someone to call you is probably the worst thing in the entire world to go through. I mean aside from the fact that it's outright boring; it's also humiliating. I mean they don't know your waiting for their call, but you do. And who wants to feel unwanted? Nobody that's who.

It's not like I couldn't have just picked up the phone and called D myself. I could have. It's just that I would rather he called me. It's his time to adjust and figure things out, and I don't want to interrupt. Although he'd say I wasn't interrupting but is it alright if he calls me later. Then he'll call me when he's done doing whatever, only at that point he'd probably rather just go to sleep, but he already said he'd call me and since D is never one to disappoint he'd call and we'd talk briefly. Then he'd say, "Well I gotta get up early Boogie..." and we'd get off the phone. No, it's much funner when he calls me on his own. When he's been thinking about me long enough to give him a little tick. And he purposely sets aside some time to sit down after he's eaten and watched the game and talked to his mother. He'd call me then, ready to talk. He'd already have something on his mind he wanted to ask, or something he'd seen that day that reminded him of me. Then we'd probably have a nice long talk. Like and hour. And I'd get off the phone feeling like I just ate a Thanksgiving meal. How you feel ready for sleep when your done.

But he didn't call.