Thursday, May 8, 2008

I ♥ Hump Day

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty fun day. Aside from the the boredom of being at work, the day had a strange lull to it, it was uneventfully pleasant. I came home and got a text from my friend who just got back in town on vacation...."Yerrroooo" it said, "Whats good for tonight??"

After I bribed him to use his room mate's car to pick me up (opting out of the the THREE trains it takes to get between our apartments) I changed out of my work cloths, showered and dressed in jeans, tank and my favorite dark purple sweater.

First we hit up this AMAZING burger joint called Five Guys. It's set up kind of like In and Out being that the menu is so basic (hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger). Their claim to fame is their world famous french fries, so we got two cheeseburgers and a larger order of fries to share. Well, first of all...WOW. The burger was so delicious I didn't even care that sauce and pickle juice was dripping down the side of my mouth. BB laughed at me, but was guilty of the same crime. The fries were crispy and perfect and when we were done we both jotted down our reactions on the provided index cards and posted them up on the crowded billboard. The things other people had written were hilarious, I was too full to be clever. So I grabbed my burgundy ball point (since BB was using the blue pen they had clipped up, and wrote...

OMG.....ready for a nap

Ready to head back to either apartment for a drink we slowly headed back to the car. I passed a chartreuse sandwich board sign and nudged BB's arm. "How come we didn't see that sign before??" To which he replied, "Ehh?" I stopped in my tracks and pointed behind us. We trekked back and stood before the glorious exclamation:

wine, beer, sake

We both looked at each other and immediately headed into the obviously genius Japanese restaurant called New Nanatori. We grabbed a table in the back and quickly ordered two vessels of sake (which was an over sight because they were enormous) and two bottles of Japanese beer. Oh was goin down. Between BB explaining to me the many uses of the hot wet nap cradle that was placed at our table (he was convinced he should steal it and use it for a cell phone rest), I dabbed my chest claiming that I had my very first case of true heartburn. "Drink more sake." was the only answer he could provide and I willingly gave it a shot (literally).

The man in the table next to us apologized for the screaming infant that his wife just escorted to the restroom. I could care less at that point because I was full of scrumptious hamburger and sake-bombs so I waved his concerns away with my limp hand, "Don't worry about it, she's adorable." I said and smiled at him as Craig chimed in, "Yea, no problem man." We were beyond satisfied with ourselves.

After we finished off the sake and BB finished telling me about his trip, we headed back to the car trying not to wobble. Eventually, I got back home, but along the way I saw the tackiest church in the world. No offense to Washington Temple, but a neon, Vegas-style, flashing sign on the front of such a sacred place of worship was too much for me to pass up, so I snapped a shot and laughed my ass off.

Come on, seriously....that's pretty funny. This cross was literally flashing as if advertising for lap dances and complimentary hot wings...

Also, apparently when I got home I gave Molly gangster braids.....