Saturday, December 5, 2009

There Words Are Not Magical

i love you
i have your back
i'm interested
it will work out
i'm not crying
you're my best friend
i promise
i'm sorry
i wish...
i'm fine
don't worry about it
i'm just joking

the above phrases do not hold magic powers. when you say them nothing physical happens to you or the person you say them to. time does not stop, rewind or fast forward. things do not un-happen. people do not become beautiful or less appealing. tears do not evaporate. the world does not shake. money does not appear from thin air. people do not come back from the dead. memories are not erased.

these phrases are just words. letters and nouns collectively combined to make the sounds consistent with American English. Air is press out between your lips and your throat vibrates. that little punching bag in the back of your mouth wiggles. you might spit a little. you might say these words with conviction, or bass, or determination or fear. you might feel god swimming through you as you say these phrases. you might even believe them to be, but they are not and never will be magical.

they are just words.


Sorcerer said...

they are not magical words but words that could work magic!