Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm getting I'm not...Ugh

Edwin Aldrin wearing the A7L spacesuit on the ...Image via Wikipedia

7 days till I go home to Cali, and here I am beginning to sniffle.

I can always tell when a cold is coming because my contact lenses start to feel like their trying very hard to annoy me.

I took my temperature; 97.7, whatever the fuck that even means.

I listened to Valentine's hush tone over the phone as he stepped out of work for the second time to check on me. "Wish I could put an apron on and make you tea and soup." he said. I laughed.

"Just an apron, right, nothing else?" I verified.

"Uh. Nah...I'd have on, you know, like the NASA space suit."

I laughed and he continued....

"With the, uh, with the apron on....don't wanna catch nothin"

My smile turned to a laugh, which turned to a cough.

Not sexy.

(©2009 Lotus B.)


Selah said...

well hey. Can't blame him. No one wants SARS and sh*t. (Or should I say H1N1 nowadays?) lol

p.s. the post where you described yourself as having "flagrant emotions" resonated. I think I'ma have to start using that. Too bad the ex couldn't love my flagrant-ness. lol

Lotus B. said...

Oh gawd, SARS... that would be just my luck. I fly down to see my bf and my family and spend the entire time in bed. My period would surely start as well, for good measure.

Selah said...

LOL. man, you're gonna mess around and speak that ish into existence! I bet in 6 days you'll be fine.

YAY for Cali :) Are you staying for xmas?

Lotus B. said...

Nope, can't stay too long unfortunately. Just about a week.

Just stopping to refuel on my lovies before heading back to NY. ;)

Ndygo Sunshyne said...

too cute. but i ain't mad at him. sick ain't to be played w/. does help heal the body faster. something about those hormones.

Lotus B. said...


I'll make sure and bring that tasty fact up next time I talk to my Mr.