Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 New Year Resolution

I can't even REMEMBER what my resolution for 2009 was. I'm sure it involved a lot of things I no longer have in my life now, so I'm taking a big fat eraser and starting over with a new one. 2009 clearly sucked. I lost two boyfriends, a city and a waistline not to mention a few friends. But going forward I'm setting a few goals I hope to reach in 2010.
  1. Move back to New York

  2. Finish my degree and teach

  3. Buy a really good camera and start doing photography

  4. Finish my book (and submit it to publishers)

  5. Spend an ENTIRE year (12 months) sans boyfriend

  6. Take a trip out of the country (even if it's just Canada)

  7. Continue my pursuit to become 100% freelance (till I'm done with school)

  8. Turn BurnOut NY into New York's premier go-to website for all things fab

  9. Shop my ass off and re-work my wardrobe

  10. Return to my size 6 jeans (w/o muffin top)

I think even more important than the goals we set for ourselves are the lessons we learn. So here, in addition are a few lessons I learned in 2009.

  1. Don't ever move to Texas. Ever.

  2. The most important thing in a relationship is that you live in the same city already.

  3. Punching your blackberry will not make it work better.

  4. Vegetarians can get fat.

  5. Ex-boyfriends should be used as sex toys, nothing more.

  6. The best medicine in life is booze.

  7. Settling means you convince yourself it's OK to feel horrible more often than good.

  8. Judging others is sometimes necessary to keep bullshit out of your life.

  9. Don't allow anyone (not even family) to make you feel worthless.

  10. No matter can always go home again.

(©2009 Lotus B.)


Selah said...

Yes yes yes to both of these lists. Except, I don't understand about the sans bf thing. What happened to Valentine? (or maybe I should stop being so nosey, huh?) LOL

Happy new year dude. Hope all this works out for you in the bestest way possible.

Lotus B. said...

Awww, thanks! You too, I think 2010 is going to prove to be an awesome year.

As for Valentine, he ended up choosing job stability over New York. It's a fine argument, but a wild heart like myself can't take a chance on someone who can't take a chance on her. ;)

Selah said...

Well damn..... but hey. Hello Mr. New York! lol