Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adventures in Office| The Mystery of the Poster Bandit

About a month and a half ago my boss came to me and asked if I knew who was posting all the haphazardly placed posters around the office and the entire 7th floor. I figured this was his way of asking if I'd done it. "No idea," I replied, "But it's been pissin me off too." He agreed and since then I've made it my mission to solve this mystery.

Whoever they are, they might be suffering from a severe balance disorder, because every company issued announcement that they litter our walls with is crooked and secured with VERY visible scotch tape. I've armed myself with a roll of double sided tape and I plan on rectifying this inconsideration as soon as I finish my broccoli noodle bowl.

Now, if only I had clearance to take down those ridiculous Christmas reefs that are cluttering the hallway. Ba-Humbug

(©2009 Lotus B.)


Selah said...

Posters of what? And how come nobody has seen anyone walking around with big azz posters and scotch tape in their hands? lol

No wreaths around these parts yet. Can't lie though, I miss christmas trees. *shrugs*

Lotus B. said...

LMAO!!! I know right, I feel like I need to set traps and shit. Christmas always makes me think of my Grams, so this is always a super tough time (she's still alive, just not around). If I had a remote I'd totally fast forward through this entire month.

Selah said...

Sorry to hear bout your Grams :/ that's gotta be hard.

After you're done with that remote, why don't you gon head and slide it my way. I'd be somewhere in 2011 by now lol