Friday, October 24, 2008

Vintage Me

Looking through some old files, came across some old pictures.

My mother and I the first week in me and D's first place together in Hayward, CA >>>>>>>>>>>>>

(left & below) My 24th B-Day dinner in San Francisco w/ friends and fam.

<D and me on one of our first trips to visit his family in Los Angeles. Also, the rental car from hell, never buy a Saturn, even if you think their cute now.

This is my ex-boyfriend (and still good friend), Noah the summer we stopped being annoying neighbors and had a budding summer romance.


Vintage Me- (2001) The day after Jr. Prom. In front on my cousin Atya's house. You couldn't tell me SHIT back then. I was 17, the ONLY year of my life that I was boyfriend-less. A few months before I got my first place and "adult" life began.


Lovely Lady Luxe said...

Is that the ex- boyfriend that rang your doorbell late that one night just to give you a kiss g'nite? That was too cute (just don't tell D I said that)! he he