Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Full of Unevents

Lately I've been pretty mopey. Not sure why, but every day I wake up totally spent and every night I come home and lazily sprawl out on my bed, which is usually scattered with the clothes I stripped off the night before. I fall asleep in a mass of mess and generally don't want to be bothered by anyone but D for the rest of the evening.

But today, I feel a surge of energy. I feel the need to get my ass out and do something. If I'm going to be up nights and tired in the morning, I might as well be tired for a good reason. So tomorrow night, I plan on hitting up the Mansion to watch the debate with fellow Obama-supporters and rub 'bows' with some local celebs. Info will be posted on FUXfashion for all those interested. I know the way I've been feeling lately (emotionally close to "home" and missing D so very much) has been taking it's toll, and going out will only remind me just how far away from my honey I actually am and how much I'd rather be rooting on Obama with him by my side; both of us quietly mocking Palin's passive, Alaskan stupidity and McCain's oddly stiff arms. Until then, I'll settle for a few NYC friends and a strong hearty shot of Grey Goose.