Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ugh...Waiting Is For LOSERS

I effing miss my delicious boyfriend. And me effing misses me. I just want to smoosh his face and hug him and bake him treats. I wish waiting didn't take so long, I feel like I'm waiting for something to start all the time. Suspended in the air with a clock ticking. I hate hearing that he didn't eat today, because he knows how I am about him not eating from being so busy at work. He has no idea how much I wanted to telepathically communicate a steak dinner to him when he said that today. Missing him is something else, though. It's like a social disease all in itself. I know right now everything moves slow, and when I see him next month everything will be suspended for a second before moving at lightening speed and then slow again until Christmas. I'm get motion sickness.