Monday, October 6, 2008

Grow Up, Grown Ups...

I know that compared to most people, I’m considerably young. I’m not even technically in my mid-twenties yet. Unmarried, no kids; pretty much carefree. I'm still at that point were acting recklessly, is not only acceptable but expected of me, whether or not I choose to. Which I don’t. My taste in a lot of things, reflects my age and personality. I’m never going to sport neon pink tights and a mini skirt to work, and I don’t listen to Chris Brown. But I still get drunk at parties (hence the nick name “Smashley”), and I have been known to stay out until just a few hours before it’s time to go to work. I’m 24 years young; but far from a teenager. (Thank God).

Not everyone, understands how old they are. Like today for example. I’m on the train to work, and about to crack open a Jhumpa Lahiri novel when the silence was invaded by Keyshia Cole. I turned to see who the offender was, and there stood a 45-year old man, dressed in an over sized Rocawear t-shirt (mind you it’s 55 degrees outside) and baggy pants. He was bobbing his head aggressively to “Let it Go”. He might as well have had his iPod hooked up to speakers as loud as his headphones were blaring. I cringed at the thought of what he might be doing to his, probably already failing hearing ability. He looked old enough to be my father, and he was making a complete idiot out of himself. Turn the shit down, and at least dress like you have a job.

I see this all the time. D and I have a running joke about grown people who have a SideKick. A device designed to make parents spend $400 on a phone for their high schoolers. It’s not practical for anyone over the age of 20 MAYBE 21. If you want an over sized, overpriced, overrated cell phone, get a Blackberry. Or an iPhone. But it’s not just cell phones that I see grown adults holding onto, it’s the whole mentality. Bashing enemies on Myspace, using their headlines as picket signs. Stuffing their two-kid having asses into shrunken, stone washed pairs of skinny-jeans. This might be innocent behavior if it didn’t effect the kids these people have so much. I can count on both hands the number of times I’ve seen a young (but not so young) mother on the train toting around her four kids well past 3 or 4 am.

I know it’s hard to tell where the line is drawn between completely carefree youth to young adulthood. I know we would all like to go back to a time when all we had to do was wake up, pay attention and do home work. But just let that go an embrace whats before you. Real life. The unbridled, uncensored life that is adulthood. Give it a try, otherwise your going to end up looking life this at 50: