Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Celebrity Couple: McPalin!!

There's a new celebrity couple in the house, and lets all pray it's not the White House. The newest revelations from the Republican party Vice President choice astounded all of us, I'm sure. Especially when we are faced with the ice-cold reality that Palin could stand to take over the Oval Office if McCain's old, rickety, 72-year old ass dies during his run. Of course, he says he knew all along that she was the brand new mother of a 5-month old baby with down syndrome, the grandmother of an unborn, illegitimate child to her under AGE daughter, wife to a man formally charged with a DUI and let's not forget the fact that she is strongly and verbally pro-life.

Perhaps that was McCain's intention. Maybe his campaign's comments about Obama being the "biggest celebrity in the world" have back fired so much so that he feels the need to compete. Instead of presenting a better policy and approachable front (like Obama) he, instead is going for the trashy tabloid ploy. There is no arguing; he's definitely grabbing headlines.

Personally, I'm scared shitless that this Palin person could actually be in office. Even with Obama's tremendous Messiah-like following, we all remember the shock and amazement that befell the last election when Bush was once again elected for another 4 years. Although that, we all know, was a unfavorably fixed race no doubt. Imagine a world where Obama goes back to being a senator, Michelle goes back to UCH medical and America is once again ran by the usually unsuccessful republican party. Free and low cost clinics will no doubt go under without the financial backing they so desperately need, and I'm sure Palin will be pleased as more and more young girls become young mothers due to the lack of sexual education and health care options. I'm sure she'll prance around and continue claiming to be a feminist (a former beauty pageant contestant and winner....who is claiming to be a feminist...give me a break). The war will continue and escalate into WWIII to every one's anticipation. McCain has less than a decade and a half left on this planet according to life expectancy statistics, so what does he care about America's future? Between his old age politics and Palin's ignoramus belief that the breakdown in our ecosystem has nothing to do with human actions, we'll all be living in an over populated, war torn country toting gas-masks to work every day. And lets not forget Palin's poor little 5-month old baby who will surely go without it's mother, because she doesn't find it necessary to actually raise her children...which would explain why her daughter is knocked up before finishing high school.

Is this what we've come to? This is the possible future of our country? An elderly, white haired man and a neglectful mother of 5, who doesn't even think rape victims deserve the right to have an abortion. Critics can pick Obama apart all day long. From his lack of experience to his soft approach towards the war; but he still comes out smelling like a rose. A devoted family man, and loving husband and a citizen of the United States who like everyone else just wants to see a change. Someone who can implement it, and at least presents the idea of thinking differently. The comparison is like night and day and far beyond black and white. Even if you never have, and have never wanted to. Even if you don't believe in it, or don't have the time. VOTE, and vote wisely.


bob said...

ahh ... refreshing to hear "scared shitless"! thought i was the only one. and the kerry defeat four years ago almost pushed me to the ledge.

you might get a chuckle out of my short post called "alaska annie oakley".

anyway, great blog! welcome to the city! and if you are ever in the west village again stop by my brothers restaurant, po, on cornelia.