Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane, yIKEs!!

I'm sure in comparison to Hurricane Katrina or 9/11 no doubt, my concerns about Hurricane Ike are a little premature and over exaggerated. But, I'm a woman in love and my entire future rest solidly in the hands of D, who is in Houston right now. He has been called to evacuate and plans to seek refuge in a hotel away from the path of the storm with two of his friends. Please think good thoughts for D, his friends and everyone else who may be effected by Hurricane Ike this weekend. Let's hope it goes by quickly and without too much damage.

Thanks, Lotus

UPDATE: He evacuated on time, and he is safe and sound in Louisiana with his family. However many people in Houston did not leave in time and sadly there may be as many as 140,000 people who were caught in the storm. Please keep your hearts and prayers with the victims.