Monday, September 22, 2008

When Time Falls Back

I've always been ambiguous to the "in-between" seasons. The one's missing that extreme weather element that keeps me thriving and alive. No scorching heat, no blistering snow (or as a former California girl, I should say, "no heavy, relentless rain."), nothing to hate, nothing to run from. Fall and Spring are irritatingly uneventful seasons; yet ones I can't complain about.

On Saturday, Tia and I said goodbye to Summer by sitting in McCarren Park and peddled off our closet discards. Shoes, bags, books, etc. We started out selling our stuff at fair market value but by the time we were closing up (and after receiving a summons for drinking beer in public) we started unloading everything we had for a quarter each. What we had left over will be going promptly to exchange as soon as I find the ovaries to haul that huge suitcase full of crap down to North 11th (again).

The thing I can say about Fall, is that it brings the most interesting fashion possibilities. Your not required to walk around stark naked, baring every inch of skin within legal limits. No horrible binge/purge diet to maintain so that your love handles are less obvious in the tub top you insisted on buying despite not finding the size you actually wear (hypothetically, of course). No sticky, sour sweat beads running down your face taking with it what bit of make up you were able to apply before the humidity of your bedroom forced you to leave or pass out on the floor. And conversely, no horrid winter garb that makes you look like a wool-spun mummy waddling down the street with nothing but your eyes poking through a mess of scarf/earmuff/hat. No, Fall blesses us all with a bite of cold just cool enough for fedoras, wool skirts and calf-high leather boots; yet sun-kissed for our silk blouse, light blazer wearing delight. And I plan on taking full advantage.

Fall flatters my figure the best, and my diet. No sugar-glutted popsicles to get me through the night, and not much of a need for over-priced, grande-soy-no whip-extra hot-caramel-latte to get me through the morning. Just good old fashioned low calorie soup.

So while Fall doesn't ignite any extra passion nor foot-tapping blithe; it still leaves me all tingly inside. Why? Basically for the same reasons it annoys me; because theirs nothing to hate, nothing to run from. Just pure, breezy, fence-balancing, good ole fashioned, un-obvious weather. Yay.


Chaotically Calm said...

Hola Hella....I to side with Team Fall, while I hate the humidity during the season in Philly I totally am in love with the fashion. Fall is my true opportunity to wear the closet full of sweaters that I own. My friends call it my signature because I try weave despite the heat some type of sweater-ish piece into all of my outfits. With that said I am all about fall and gladly wish a until we see you again blessing towards summer. Besides there is but so much stranger nudity I can stomach during the hot seasons.