Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catch of Day: Fatty Big Eye Fish

Yesterday was one of those weepy, slow days that seemed to drag on, despite being in good company. I went with my room mate Monica to the West Village to help her gather her art supplies for class and take them to her school to stash in her locker. Then we toted her work home, which was a 6 foot tall roll of papers covered in black plastic bags and masking tape; looking much like a dead body. We stopped at this awesome sushi place on Broadway which had so many scrumptious delights to offer that we gazed wide-eyed and intimidated at the chapter book menu despite the waiter coming by several times to ask if we were ready to order. When I remember the name if the place, I'll post an update, but for now lets just call it "Fatty Big Eye Fish" which was the name of their specialty. After lunch we went to strand and picked out a few books from the $1 shelves outside.

After sushi and dropping the "dead body" at home, we walked to our corner store and got needed essentials; ice cream, wine and cereal. We sat on our buildings shared porch and dug into the $1.99 Hagindaz knock-off and getting bit up by mosquitoes.

Now its quiet and bright outside, I'm doing laundry and my music can barely be heard over the sound of my roaring fan; which is why I'm also thinking about redeeming some Thank You points to get an iPod speaker set.

I have mosquito bites on my feet, but I hope the storm brings D to New York. Kisses I need.