Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"I Wouldn't Expect You to Mow the Lawn, Boogs"

He was the jokester. The nerd. The country boy at heart. I was the princess who always had an opinion. The flirt. The restless soul. We met on a Saturday night (actually a Sunday morning) just sober enough to get into our (red) cars respectively and leave Jack London Square (Oakland). Both out for different reasons; me and my friends getting shit-faced in the name of my BFF, Theresa's birthday. D getting equally shit-faced to take his mind off of his grandfather's passing. Star crossed alcoholics if you will.

I used to think D didn't know me. I felt like he didn't understand me and that meant I should resist progressing with him. He's not a kumbaya-er. He doesn't smoke ganj or listen to electric hip-hop and alternative pop. He tends to get into a groove, rinse and repeat without feeling claustrophobic. I on the other hand, have never been much for structure. Or technology. I can barely keep my iTunes straight without having a conniption. And regardless of D's effort, football still makes my eyes glaze over with confusion (although I'm starting to grasp the concept). Needless to say, he and I are opposites on several planes. But our middle ground, that portion of our chemistry that aligns like a sparkling constellation....that part is totally amazing.

Like how affectionate he is when we're alone. There is always a hug, a kiss, a shoulder-rub; always a gentle nudge for me even if we're just watching TV. How he humors me when I nag about what he eats, even though I know he's a perfectly capable and healthy man (who tends to eat Sonics right before bed). How neither of us has ever stopped seeing infinite potential in each other. I think he'll be that amazing father that every kid should have. He's the goofiest man I've ever known personally, and I love that it's so unexpected. You'd never see his brand of sarcastic comedy coming, usually promptly followed by a burst of thundering laughter (at his own joke). I love that we can waste a day doing absolutely nothing and feel totally satisfied. I love that we can go to a nightclub and dance like there's no one around. I love that I've never even come close to seeing him as anything short of a grown man. Never a "dude", a "guy" a "nigga" or "boy". He's respected always and quite naturally. It's true, I'm not a living-single kind of girl. Very seldom have I been left on the market for much longer then a few months. I've shopped, and I've sampled. And I know with all my heart that he's the one I'm supposed to grow old, fat and grumpy with.


Anonymous said...

Awww....very unique blog, I like it!