Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Worst Thing About Today....

...It's not that the wind is blowing freezing air in through the cracks of my window, which sits next to my bed. It's not that the shirt I found at Forever 21 doesn't quite fit, reminding me that I have in fact put on some holiday weight (I used to be a nice even medium...sometimes small). It's not even the bill I got in the mail today from my school, with $730.00 glaring back at me like some kind of cruel ironic joke. It's that today, nearly 48 hours from my glorious fun filled week with family and D, I am so far beyond pissed at his ungrateful ass that I hardly want to get on a plane to go see him anymore.

Of all the things that man can do, frustrating me is above all the thing in which he is most skilled.


laughingwolf said...

what can i say... but i agree, many of us are worse than mere assholes :(

season's blessings to you and yours

...when you can, say 'hi' to my fave ny lady... lady liberty :D