Monday, December 15, 2008

Coming, Going and Things in Between...

The above photo was taken about a week before I left California for New York. I was getting a drink with my friend George, and in complete denial of what I was about to do. I nonchalantly told friends from work that it was simply a time for change and everyone was impressed with my casual demeanor. I was waiting for George to bring me a second (or third) martini, because as you all can see, I had just polished one off. I remember for that second when he left to walk across that large scape of that scroungy, trendy, over priced bar in San Francisco; I was alone and in silence for a moment. I took it all in and whispered to myself..."better get used to it, trooper."

...but I haven't really been alone.


Mike said...

Well, at least when you are drunk in Manhattan you don't have to walk uphill. My brother, who lives in Brooklyn, said if he ever moved it would be to San Francisco because he loved it. I've always wanted to go to Southern Cal and won't die until I go check it out.