Thursday, December 18, 2008

...And So It Begins

Almost a month away is the official inauguration of President-Elect Obama, and my very own people are already nit-picking at him about his choice of invocation speaker, Rick Warren. Rick Warren is a pastor who although quite the liberal in other areas, is sternly opposed to same-sex marriage. Being that he is a religious man (to say the least) OF COURSE he's opposed to it...hello?

By "my people" of course I don't mean, the LGBT community, although some of my favorite people in the world are of that community...I mean Californians. Yes, we suffered a blow to our human rights, when among the excitement of our first Black President elect, the unsightly Proposition 8 (or "Prop H8 as it's widely referred) was passed which supported the ban on all same-sex marriages in the state. However, we all voted for a man, Obama, who not once denied his feelings regarding same-sex marriages. Politically he has supported same-sex couples and their fight for equal marital rights, however he has said several times that personally he is opposed to the idea.

So whats wrong with that? He is a public figure but also just a man. A man with opinions, thoughts and ideals that might not always revolve around what America wants as a majority (or a minority). I'm sure he supports the non-smoking laws, although he is a 20 year pack-a-day smoker. These are things we must accept when we elect a human being into office. He'll do human shit.

Aside from that point, the inauguration is not just for the American people, it's for the Obamas. It's like a person's wedding day, in that it should reflect who you are. I am a strong supporter of equal human rights, and I voted against Prop H8, but that doesn't mean I oppose people with opposite views. This is America, and we can't be upset just because someone doesn't have the same personal beliefs as we do. As long as Obama politically supports LGBT marital rights and does not oppose it, that's good enough for me. It's California we should be upset with, not our gleaming Prez Obama.

Just my opinion.

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