Monday, December 1, 2008

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS day, and if there is anything I can do as a blogger to bring awareness of this epidemic that plagues millions of people every day it's pure, simple facts...

-In 2006 there was an estimated 533,000+ people living with HIV in 33 US states (counted among areas with confidential infection reporting)

-Within those states, it's estimated that close to 3500 people will be infected with HIV before the age of 25.

-In New York alone, over 170,000 people were living with HIV in 2005

-The highest population of HIV/AIDS infected people in New York are African Americans at 44%

One of the highest risks a person can take when it comes to HIV or AIDS infection is messing with drugs that severely impair your judgement or involve fluid sharing (like heroin or cocaine use.)

The best prevention is to never share needles, and always use a condom until you are in a committed, monogamous relationship.

There is NOTHING wrong with asking Mr. Handsome if he's been tested, when and how often before things get physical. If Mr. Handsome finds this question to be offensive...that's a hint he probably doesn't feel too comfortable walking into a clinic every 6 months.

Perfectly clean people can be infected with HIV.

And you can have HIV for up to 10 years (sometimes longer) before you show any signs of infection.

The only way to know for sure is to get tested. Get tested every 6 months and between every partner. For a list of testing facilities and free clinics in your area please click here.