Monday, December 8, 2008

♥My 200th Post!!♥

^My First Week in Brooklyn.

I started this blog about 5 months before moving to New York on my Myspace blog. It wasn't called "I Say Hella" back then, it was just "Blog" or something un-fabulous. At first, aside from my close friends and family, the only person who read it regularly was my ex-boyfriend's girlfriend who was totally obsessed with me because she was convinced he (the ex) was still in love...drama.

So I chronicled the adventure before the adventure...leaving California. Saying goodbye to friends and family...looking for an apartment in Brooklyn with Molly. The mess of emotions that stuck to the walls of the apartment I shared with D during our "technically broken up but still in love but living together" phase.

I guess the real reason I started this blog on blogspot, was because I was so far away from home. Far away from family and every friend I'd ever made. I was in a new world that I had to figure out day by day on my own and no one was around to share that with. So I did what I do best. I wrote about it.

I never started this to gain attention (not that it HAS or anything) I just wanted for my friends and family to get a peek into what I was experiancing and how I was doing. Along the way, I've received emails from perfect strangers who tell me that something I've written has made them think differently about themselves, or about life or love and that's a pretty awesome compliment. I've even had someone ask me how I got up the guts to up and leave California.

"Guts..." I said, "...don't wait for guts...leaving scared shitless is the best way to leave. Find the guts when you really need them."

I know I'll be going home soon. I know New York will always be some kind of strange dream with the taboo of a love affair; just dirty enough to feel wrong and clean enough to feel new. I'm glad I came, glad I'm here and I'm glad I'll be leaving one day.

Thanks to all those who read & comment, I'm glad you get a kick outta my life.


Birgitta said...

Congrats... you look as pretty and happy as you should be in that pic.


Congrats on reaching 200, here's to 200 more!!!

Lotus said...

Thanks guys! 200 creeped up on me!

Da Old Man said...

Congrats on reaching 200. Nice milestone.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I have yet to reach my 100th post (or 90th, or 80th, or 70th, but still ... ).
I enjoy reading your posts.

Lotus said...

Thank you! I appriciate that!