Friday, June 26, 2009

Yesterday Just SUCKED In General...

June 25th...boy what a fuck up. First there are protesters downstairs at work...which honestly was probably the weakest display of protest I've seen in my life...(where were the bull horns, chants, marching....??) Still it was a reminder of how corrupt Iran's government was and my heart went out to everyone standing down there in the heat trying to make a statement that no one really wanted to hear.

Then Farrah Fawcett died. Although it was expected, what with her loosing battle to cancer, it was still a shock. So beautiful and such an iconic figure in American pop culture. Sad when someone so influential dies, especially before their time. Of course that wasn't even the tip of yesterday's ice burg...

Then Michael Jackson died. The King of Pop...Mr. Invincible...gone. Just like that. No warning, no final statement, no goodbye to his family, friends, children and loyal fans. Gone as quick as he came. What a shock. Most people I know still haven't processed it. I still can't listen to his music without crying. Such a talent, such an awesome human being. It's like loosing Princess Diana, Aalliyah, Tupac and MLK Jr....their sudden absence from the world as shocking as the huge affect it had on the people who admired them.

Later, my friend, Oz was flying home from Denver when the pilot announced there were several things wrong with the plane. MID FLIGHT.... This is not something you wish to hear when your 34,000 feet off the ground. They made an emergency landing in Oklahoma City. He tells me this nonchalantly while waiting at the gate, as if it were a story about loosing his house keys. "I would have flipped out." I told him. Which is an understatement. I imagine I would have probably passed out. I almost passed out on my flight to NYC earlier this month when the wings started making noise before we took off then flew through 3 hours of turbulence into a city that just announced they were having a problem controlling their bird population.

My evening was then topped off by a huge diss from D, which I won't even go into. But it was the perfect night cap to a nightmare day. Now I'm at work feeling solemn for several reasons. Sporting my big gold microphone earrings as my small tribute to Michael, trying to figure out a way to completely avoid D until Sunday.