Saturday, June 27, 2009

So I Came Home Late Last Night...

I tried my damnedest to get home by the agreed-upon 2:30am... Some may call this a curfew, I call it an AGREED UPON time to be home respectively. Regardless of the verbal spin...I tried to adhere to it....(well I needed some convincing, but I digress..).

So I'm laying on my bed halfway out of my clothes, one foot over the edge one foot propped up on my comforter occasionally glaring at the was 2:50 AM and D wasn't home yet. Now, I'm caught halfway between angry and worried. A) Because D is very rarely late to anything.... B) Because don't give me an agreed upon time to be home respectively and then fuck it off. So I wait...catching myself as my eyes are forcing themselves closed.

Next thing I know, D shows up in his plaid shirt (a purchase I totally influenced) worn-in jeans and one of his millions of pairs of shoes in his hands.

"Hey Boogs..."

"You know I can now come home whenever I feel like it right?" I say, bypassing a greeting altogether.

He smirks, and kind of stares at me. Drunk, much? Of course I don't CARE that he's been out later than me. I just don't want to be the only one rushing home for no good reason. However I was curious as to what kept him out so late....perhaps something I could use to display an example of encouragement and support...then he wouldn't feel so obliged to keep me on this agreed-upon time to be home respectively.

Some party...blah blah...with his friends..who cares...Rosemary...ERRRR???

I let a wide smile spread across my face. I mean as long as D and I have the strangest most WHACKED out situation of all time in our hands, why not make it even more awkward and tease him about running into some girl he knows while he was out.

"Did you get her number..?"

"I always had her number.." (fuck you too)

"Well I imagine you didn't do very well, since you suck at flirting.."

This is the new-age friendly banter that has evolved out of our broken relationship between the walls of our broken home.

When I woke up this morning he was laying on my bed snoring like an injured whale. My mom called, "Did you just wake up? Are you alone?" (a question she started asking me after I turned 20 and realized I had frequent male visitors.

"No, I'm not alone...but it's just D."

Said with love, satisfaction and emotional distance.

The divorce is final.