Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Rihanna and Chris Beat Down...

TMZ posted the above flick of Rihanna's face post beat down, which aside from distasteful (I know that's hypocritical) it's also VERY shocking. I mean DAYUM...Chris put a hurting on little Miss RiRi.

I thought this was a pretty hot couple, but every couple has their little demons. I think it's pretty fucked up that Chris Brown, someone who has so much success and fortune and obviously a woman on his arm who loves him decides to act so cruelly.

I hope she finds strength enough to press charges to the very fullest, and that he gets locked up and surrounded by a bunch of real men who beat his ass so he knows what it feels like to have his ass beat by someone bigger than him.

I never was a Chris Brown fan or anything, but this should put a pretty big damper on his career, which I think he so fully deserves.


Anonymous said...

I hope he gets what he deserves for doing this. I felt bad for Rihanna when I first read about this, and ever worse when I saw that photo.