Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Drinking & Driving in Houston

Well it's been about 4 days now and Houston, still feels much like a vacation although it's beginning to feel like home. Being able to go to sleep at night next to D and wake up with him in the morning is a treat we haven't felt in almost a year. We get to have our little drinking-buddy nights and get smashed on Vodka and Grapefruit juice or Rum and Coke, like the old days in California. I've been waking up and taking him to work which was something I feared at first only because I hadn't driven a car on the freeway since February of 2008. But after I was headed back to the house alone, I realized that driving a car is a lot like riding a bike, it comes back to you without much effort. I opened up the sunroof and enjoyed the insanely good weather that was shining down on me, and it sure felt good to feel warm again.

Another perk about being in Houston...this amazing house we live in now. he kitchen is warm and inviting, the living room is comfy and our bedroom is gigantic. Only of course the best part is.......The enormous closet!!!

Ok, so this is a situation a girl like me could get used to. Sex whenever I want it, a giant closet o fill and an entirely new city to discover. Getting lost on the freeway and being looked at strangely for my outfit choices seem to be just the icing on a very BIG cake.


Chaotically Calm said...

Well now I'm jealous way to go showing off that ginormous closet. Houston sounds good so far!