Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Lizard Has Departeth...

About a week ago while I was basking in the light of unemployment, watching a few pre-recorded episodes of my guilty pleasure (which I shall never reveal), I gazed casually toward the corner of our the room to admire the new ficus D and I bought from Home Depot to accent our living room...

So this lizard ran down the trunk of the tree which caused me to jump, then squeal, then run upstairs while grabbing the phone to call D at work. After he got done chuckling and re-regulated his breathing he told me not to panic and just get out of the house for a while.

A while? Ha..! I threw on some clothes and hit up the closest mall determined to kill the 4 remaining hours before I had to pick D up from work.

Long story short the ficus stayed outside for a week.

Finally, yesterday morning I asked D to bring the tree back in since I didn't think there could possibly be a lizard that would be so determined to hang on to a ficus that it would endure a rough shaking, a lengthy hosing and my shrieking screams. But as soon as the tree came back inside and I turned on the dining room light (and a very high powered flashlight) I saw a tiny and VERY still little head. Again, of course I began screaming.

D drug the tree back outside and shook the tree and hit it with the broom stick until the lizard finally jumped out and onto the back patio (again i screamed from the other side of the door).

After D hosed the lizard away and convinced me that it was gone I was finally able to relax.

The lizard had left the building.

Also, my emergency mall trip resulted in a silk blouse and a new dress, so who can really complain?