Thursday, February 5, 2009

Put Up a Parking Lot....

Well today was a new adventure in many ways. I sat in D's Acura trying to escape the concrete jungle that was the Super Target parking lot. I simply went to get lemons and Fettuccine for the fabulous meal I was going to cook for my boyfriend...and ended up crying all over his leather steering wheel. I called Tia, "I'm lost in a concrete maze and the evil puppeteer is Target..!" I exclaimed. She laughed and we talked for about an hour, catching up and chatting away the commute back to the house.

By the time we got off the phone I was almost to D's job. He got in the car, kissed me hello and we drive back to the house engaging in the friendly but snide banter that is our chemical romance.

Now the house is quiet, except for (of course) the sounds of Law & Order SVU, a faint reminder of the city I love. D is upstairs in the shower and the rest of the night and weekend lay before us like an inflatable slip and slide.

I got lost in a supermarket parking lot today, cried into my favorite sweater and found refuge in a good friend. It all resulted in shrimp fettuccine and white wine, so well worth the mission.

Houston, I shall conquer thee.