Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Most Awkward Conversation in the World

A few days ago D and I made it official.

That's right folks, after much deliberation we are in fact totally and 100% EX's.

What made our "divorce" official?

That awkward conversation you have with someone you recently broke up with where there is more than just a hint passed between the two of you that you have both definitely slept with other people since the separation.

And it's OK!

I mean hey....he's perfectly entitled.  As am I.

I mean...heh...that's what BREAKIN up is about, right?

Sewing the, uh..wild oats an' shit.

Good for him.

Good for me.

Boy..... this feels GREAAT.

(©2009 Lotus B.)


SbuxQn said...

You just don't fully realize it yet,but it truly is GREAT

Sorcerer said...


Lotus B. said...

Sbux Queen....

Perhaps I'll fully realize it after a Grande soy triple shot white chocolate....

Chaotically Calm said...

Boy..... this feels GREAAT.

Someone's working on her sarcasm!!! The official over and done is always the last watershed for me.

August Mayfield said...

Great Blog!

Enjoy your freedom.

My ex wants us to be "friends".

He must be smoking CRACK. I'd rather eat dirt.

I couldn't even stand the way he inhaled and exhaled by the time we finished.

Happy Single-hood Girlfriend.